Billy Economou


Visual Communications Director

Art and creativity are Billy’s main priority, both at NK and in his personal life. As NK’s Visual Communications Director, he creates and manages NK’s graphics collateral. He strives to convince people to think outside the box, while managing to assist the marketing department and the architectural staff in creating marketing brochures, email campaigns, in-house graphics material, web site design, the occasional 3D rendering, as well as other architectural visual materials. He embraces the industry’s severe deadlines and has even been caught sleeping under his desk on occasion… whether this was deadline related, no one knows. Billy also implemented and maintains NK’s searchable image database containing over 40 years’ worth of photographed projects. Recently he has taken on the role as project photographer.

People are surprised to hear that Billy has been with NK for 22 years due to his youthful look and playful outlook. He walks around the office assisting employees with any technical graphics needs and questions with a dégagé but professional attitude.

Billy graduated from FIT as an Interior Designer with a minor study in computer graphics and fine arts. He also studied oil painting under the tutelage of various artists. He currently lives on a farm where he is passionate about steel sculpting, small-scale farming/gardening, and cooking. He just recently became a sawyer and is always on the lookout for massive logs. He also escapes the stresses of the architectural world by getting as much seat time as possible on his BMW R1200 GS Adventure motorcycle. He has packed more camping equipment on his moto than is physically possible.