Erin Sharp Newton

associate aia, fitwel ambassador

Erin is a part of NK’s Healthcare Design Group and brings years of national and international experience to the firm, enabling her to contribute a sharp, intense, and humanistic approach to design. Committed to client and user focused solutions, she believes that integrity and creativity are fundamental to the success of the multi-faceted world called “Architecture.”

Erin holds a Master’s Degree in Architecture from UCLA and a Master’s in Design from Domus Academy in Milan, Italy. She lived and worked for many years traveling between the US and Europe. Her exposure and experience spans all areas of design, from architecture to the fine arts, from industrial design to technology. This rich worldly background has provided a unique context for development and contributions, enabling her to offer imagination and vision as well as critical solutions to the design process.

Erin is a Fellow at the Centre for Urban Design and Mental Health; Serves on two Health & Human Services Advisory Committees and on the Board of the Hunterdon Drug Awareness Program, supporting solutions for mental health and addictions. As an Associate Member of the American Institute of Architects, Erin was involved with the Charter High School of Architecture and Design and Children’s Crisis Treatment Center and has been active with major architecture and design schools as juror and mentor. Her research and ideas have featured in venues such as Philips Solid Side and the Milan Design Fair.

Her favorite thing in life is her family, and she cherishes her free time with her husband and stepdaughter, treasure hunting, playing with technology, or wandering with the wind.

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