Joseph P. Lobdell


senior associate

As an avid cyclist, Joe would rather be biking around the office handling the everyday challenges of presenting designs of educational facilities to owners than sitting behind his desk. In and out of the field, he calmly multi-tasks between managing multiple design projects/teams, budgets, and handling construction management over his 18 years at NK.

You will always be able to spot Joe, as red is his favorite color. He wears a red jacket for leisure, a red jacket when cycling, and red/gray are the Ohio State University colors – his alma mater. Watch out Big Ten fans!

Joe’s multiple interests include sailing on a warm summer day; and when the weather does not allow him to chase the wind, he enjoys handling wood framing and carpentry projects. Not to leave the best for last, but his continued passion for playing hockey began upon receiving his first pair of “used” hockey skates at the age of seven.

key experience: