Sadie Wegner

From Los Angeles, California, Sadie replanted to the east coast to pave her professional path. She graduated with a BFA in Interior Architecture, Minors in Business Administration and Business Marketing from California State University and spent a period of time studying international business in Holland. She received a winning Final Design Award in her residential design studio and was highly involved on campus through community service and philanthropic services. She is particularly intrigued in the creative development of the design process. Sadie is inspired by the mental capability a group brings to the table rather than a single person and is focused on how the initial conceptual thoughts are reflected from the start to the end of a project.

Sadie is currently working in NK’s New York City office focusing on educational and residential projects. She also handles many graphics related assignments on various NYC projects.

When she is not in the office, Sadie can be found creating art, planning her next worldly adventure, and tasting all of New York’s delicious good eats!

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