Mark C. von Bradsky



Mark is Principal-in-Charge of Structure Studio, providing structural engineering consulting services for the built environment. He has over 30 years of consulting experience and has been associated with several award-winning projects. Mark has been involved in projects that required challenging structural design solutions such as constructing tunnels under existing building foundations, retrofitting and reconstructing historic buildings, complex industrial and manufacturing facilities, and assisting in the creation of unique architectural elements.

Having earned both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Civil Engineering from Lehigh University, Mark has a strong foundation in engineering theory. This, combined with his years of experience, has made him into a well-rounded engineer. He is an active member in several professional and civic societies, having been president of several of these boards.

Mark is blessed with a fabulous family. He and his wife Lisa are the proud parents of two young women who are pursuing their dreams. In his free time, Mark enjoys sailing, skiing, hiking, running, golf and traveling.

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