Robert Aitken

Rob is a Junior Architect working with NK’S NYC office on healthcare, educational and office projects. A Cum Laude graduate of the University of Hartford and Honors Graduate of NJIT Architecture Graduate School, Rob has become the dependable BIM manager and Revit project promoter of the NK Team.

Prior to architecture, Rob started down the familial path of naval aviation, graduating from the Aviation Challenge Program in Huntsville, AL with training that included simulated night carrier weather landings. He is also a vocal proponent of Manned US Space Travel and has sent in his resume and credentials for the MARS Direct Program. Merging his love of space and architecture, Rob takes part in NASA design competitions — theorizing and designing futuristic space habitats for lunar and Martian outposts.

With a passion for robotics and computer-controlled manufacturing devices, Rob is an Adjunct Professor at the NJIT Architectural Model Shop, teaching students about precision manufacturing and fabrication with laser cutters and CNC milling machines. On the weekends, when not thinking about the stars (or building models), Rob can be found floating above the Atlantic on kayaks or underneath it on SCUBA diving trips, which hopefully one day will include diving off the aircraft carrier Oriskany.

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