NK International Picnic and Culinary Festival 2015


A 75-person worldwide delegation came to Lewis Morris Park in Morris County on Friday, July 24.  However, instead of trying to solve the world’s problems, each delegate presented an epicurean delight that was shared with all.  That’s just one way to describe NK’s International Picnic and Culinary Festival. 

NK’s summer outing is a longstanding tradition, and over the years it has included a variety of venues and themes.  Given the diverse culture and backgrounds of our staff and having each of us bring a dish that represents our heritage makes our international picnic without a doubt everyone’s favorite way to celebrate summer.

Meatballs and arancini from Italy; empanadas (both savory and sweet) from Cuba; tapioca and taro root dessert from China; pierogi from Ukraine; bagels and lox from Brooklyn (yes, some consider Brooklyn a country); jerk chicken from Jamaica; souvlaki and salads from Greece; hot dogs and hamburgers from good ol’ US of A; kaposztas teszta from Hungary; brats and zwiebelkuchen from Germany; causa from Peru; and, of course, Spam musubi from Hawaii.  These were just some of the over 30 dishes served.