HCCC Wins at 13th Annual Emerald Awards by USGBC NJ


On October 30, NK's new academic building at Hudson County Community College will be recognized as the 'Urban Green Project' winner at the USGBC NJ 13th Annual Emerald Awards Masquerade Ball at the Montclair State University Conference Center in Montclair, NJ.

This new facility is an important addition to Jersey City and HCCC's Journal Square campus.  A  30,000 square foot library is located on the first two floors of the six-story building, offering students and faculty a modern and progressive center for learning.  The three floors above have approximately ten classrooms per floor with designs ranging from traditional learning to computer labs to tiered lecture classrooms. The sixth floor, which is stepped back from the street, has a rooftop terrace and large lobby/exhibition space for art installations and student gatherings. The adjoining three classrooms to this gallery, which will be flexible in size with moveable partitions, also provide the College with a large venue for special events and programs. 

The exterior of the building is predominantly brick and is designed with a strong traditional reference to the early century architecture found in Journal Square.  The library has large two-story arches, granite accents and complimenting metal panels for a contemporary edge.