Morristown-Beard School's new Math & Science Building opens

NK Architects is pleased to have recently celebrated the opening of the new Math & Science Building at the Morristown-Beard School! We wish the students and faculty the best as they begin a new semester in their new building.


MBS Headmaster Peter J. Caldwell captured the moment well with his remarks: 

This new facility will literally open doors for you, the students, as you pursue your education at MBS. The excitement that we all feel is palpable. As students have wandered into the building between sports practices, I have watched them look up in wonder. I will never get tired of showing off this incredible facility and it is my hope that all of you take full advantage of the opportunities that await you in this magnificent building.
— Peter J. Caldwell, Headmaster

Read more great coverage of the event and what the building means to the School here: