We Are Healthcare Architects.

NK Architects provides exceptional planning, architectural, interior design, and engineering services for the unique needs of the Behavioral Healthcare market.

Our experience touches the full spectrum of behavioral healthcare - substance abuse, crisis intervention, geriatric care, adolescent care, women's and family services and community mental health facilities. 

Nationally and locally recognized for our dedication to mental health, we are adept at developing creative solutions that we believe are in the best interests of both the patient and provider:

  • As a firm we are committed to promoting health and wellness in our buildings, our methods, and in our practice.
  • We balance the critical requirements of safety and security, along with the essential sensitivities necessary for true integrated behavioral health project success.
  • We test all of our designs against the latest research and evidence based design principles.
  • Our solutions balance our business experience and facility expertise with  a true passion for the human condition. 

From the large multi-bed ground up facility, to the conversion of a vintage motel into a behavioral healthcare hospital, to those organic-piece-by-piece behavioral health expansions for existing facilities, our mission is to create a sensitive, elegant, healing environment that:

  • is warm, comforting and pleasing in design;
  • creates a variety of spaces from active to quiet;
  • maximizes natural light & air;
  • uses calming and soothing materials, forms, colors and textures; and, includes creative design features to enhance the environment

We understand that in today’s environment, behavioral health design must be predicated on a wide variety of factors.  Well before design development, our planning considers our clients’ strategic and operational goals, which encompasses intelligence drawn from demographic and competitive analyses, staffing and productivity studies, new technologies and capital solutions.  This approach helps ensure success in a project that meets today’s competitive demands, maximizes flexibility and adaptability for future, currently unknown needs, and fully supports our client’s  strategy.This vantage point allows NK to act as a true client advocate throughout the entire planning, design and building process. Our senior healthcare principals are Board Certified Healthcare Architects with advanced educational degrees in management and client-side operational experience. 

We understand behavioral healthcare’s changing needs, and maintain a rounded, national perspective on sensitive issues, coupled with a deep understanding of local financial and operational concerns.