Providers of senior care are seeking innovative ways to meet the demands of a new generation and growing population of residents. For over 20 years, NK Architects has been at the forefront of embracing a person-centered approach focused on the wellness, comfort, and security of residents while balancing designs to be cost-effective, functional, and efficient solutions for developers, owners, and operators.

We have designed a wide spectrum of facilities and have successfully demonstrated that the integration of our experience with multi-family housing, specialized housing, and healthcare design results in state-of-the-art, operator-friendly, and resident-centered senior communities. Our practice has developed concentrations in:

  • Green House Design: A national design award has led to NK being New Jersey's leading designer of this innovative model of care and the state's first two Green House projects.
  • Department of Veterans Affairs: Two decades ago, the NJ Veterans Home at Menlo Park redefined the VA's program elements for veteran housing which, in turn, led to the adoption of the 'Community Living Center' and the current move to the Green House model of care.
  • Memory Care: Designing for dementia or Alzheimer's requires a deep understanding of and sensitivity to the cognitive issues faced by residents of these facilities. Our designs pay special attention to the details required to create secure and comforting spaces for residents.